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Come explore Africian-inspired food in Ireland with Ellie’s Kitchen Home Edition!

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Ellies Kitchen Home Edition offers a high quality and standard of catering services together with a wide variety of cuisine, catering to any event from individual and small group orders to large groups and corporate events.
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Auntie Monica’s Crowd Charming Fried Rice (Caramelised Onion & Cinnamon)

Please allow me to introduce you to my Auntie Monica, Mrs Chitawo!

Intensity 9: Extra Extra Hot Chilli Sauce

In my language we say ‘abale samalani’ and it means ‘please friend, take.

Kitchen Magic Roast Garlic Herb Pasta Sauce

I use this versatile sauce in everything!

Ellie Kisyombe, a founder, a mother, an activist, and political candidate. In 2015, Ellie co- founded an Irish Café Award winning social enterprise called OurTable with fellow activist and chef, Michelle Darmody.

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