Intensity 9: Extra Extra Hot Chilli Sauce

by | 12 Feb 2021 | Food and Beverages

Africans are known for their love of hot spices and Malawians are no different.  In our culture we use it in many ways.  Some people even believe that hot sauces are a hangover cure!

We always have hot my extra extra hot sauce on our dinner table. I have to have a secret stash for fear we run out 😉 We like to add hot sauce to most of our meals.  It is part of our table setting that is ready to be used by everybody.  In my language we say ‘abale samalani’ and it means ‘please friend, take’.

I have made this sauce very very hot.  You need to be careful as on a scale of 1-10 I would rate its intensity as a 9.  If you are someone that doesn’t eat very spicy food, you may want to only use it for cooking or adding a little to your dishes.  If you do enjoy very spicy food however, you don’t have to be so cautious.

Karibu Kwani!


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